Healthy Food –
Seasonal Menu



We know the importance of meeting the nutritional needs of children whilst they are in our care. Our comprehensive and holistic approach to seasonal menu offerings have been developed by a paediatric nutritionist and feeding consultant.

All meals are prepared in our commercial kitchen, enabling the children in our care to enjoy nourishing, nutritionally-balanced foods. Our weekly menu meal plans also cater for allergies and dietary requirements.


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Autumn Menu

menu template autumn week 1
menu template autumn week 2
menu template autumn week 3
menu template autumn week 4

Winter Menu

menu template winter week 1
menu template winter week 2
menu template winter week 3
menu template winter week 4

Spring Menu

menu template spring week 1
menu template spring week 2
menu template spring week 3
menu template spring week 4

Summer Menu

menu template summer week 1
menu template summer week 2
menu template summer week 3
menu template summer week 4
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