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Your child now is a preschooler and is fascinated by the world. They will ask lots of questions and enjoy play with others.

At Mary Rice Ealy Learning Centre we encourage lots of outdoor play, creativity and activities that will:

Support their physical development such as ball games, group games, bike riding, climbing, racing holding small objects, pincer grip, transferring and much more.

Socially and Emotionally we aim to support children towards sharing, empathy, understand social rules, cooperative play, engage in activities with a group of friends harmoniously.

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In the Cognitive area we focus on the following:

Understand Opposites, use different materials to build, build towers, counting, develop longer attention span, follow instructions (simple) recalls events, may try to write numbers and letters, memorize numbers, recognize names, match names and colours and much more.

Towards supporting the Language development, we give the children opportunities of storytelling, conversations, questions to be asked and answered, identify writing language, identify symbolism and much more.

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Mary Rice Early Learning Centre is a special place where children are respected, play is valued, and community is key.

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