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From the day a baby is born their brain is growing and learning by connecting with people.


Between the ages of 6 weeks to 2 years, foundations will be built to support the development of milestones.

At Mary Rice Early Learning Centre we support children and families by following family routines, by working with each family and seeing each child as unique.

We endeavor to create environments for our under 2’s that are supportive:

Toward physical development with activities such as tummy time, rolls from back to stomach and vice-versa, Crawling, Walking with support, Walking without support, hold objects, are some of our activities.

Towards the Social and Emotional areas of Development we endeavor to offer activities that promotes bonding, smiles and laughs, make eye contact, respond to own name, recognizes familiar people, show happiness when seeing familiar faces including friends, start playing parallel to friend

For Cognitive development we plan out activities towards giving opportunities for exploration of objects, materials, sensory activities, engage with picture books, understands goodbyes

In the Language area the activities will be singing, dancing, listening to stories, practice sounds and simple words.

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Mary Rice Early Learning Centre is a special place where children are respected, play is valued, and community is key.

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